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Type the Drug Name or Brand in the Search Box to find out if it cross reacts or shows positive on a urine drug screen. Nonreactive in the Results column means the drug by itself is not tested for in a urine drug screen.

The following list of 653 drug names and compounds is not all-inclusive since other substances and/or factors may interfere with the test and can cause false results. All positive results from rapid drug test devices are presumptive and should be confirmed by a laboratory using an alternative methodology.

Please type in the drug abbreviation testing for in the search box:
  • AMP - Amphetamines
  • BAR - Barbiturates
  • BUP - Buprenorphine
  • BZO - Benzodiazepines
  • mAMP - Methamphetamines
  • MTD - Methadone
  • OPI - Opiates
  • OXY - Oxycodone
  • PCP - Phencyclidine
  • PPX - Propoxyphene - PPX
  • TCA - Tricyclic Antidepressants
  • THC - Marijuana
There are currently no drugs in this record that will give a false positive for Cocaine.