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6 Panel Saliva Test - Oratect AOT-6
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The 6 Panel Saliva drug test will test for the following drugs at the levels below. The chart also shows how long various drugs will stay in the system and be detected by this test. 6 Panel Testing Levels and Detection Periods Drug Cutoff Level Detection Period Phencyclidine PCP 10 ng/mL 48 hours Cocaine COC 20 ng/mL 48 hours Marijuana THC 40 ng/mL 48 hours Opiates OPI 40 ng/mL 48 hours Amphetamines AMP 50 ng/mL 48 hours Methamphetamines MAMP 50 ng/mL 48 hours ...

Cotinine/Nicotine Saliva Screen I-DCT-B702
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Detection Period - 1- 2 daysDetection Level - 30 ng/mL Cotinine Oral Fluid Screening Device will determine smoking status or nicotine use. Cotinine is the primary metabolite of nicotine and is detectable in saliva for 1-2 days after use. The saliva screen is widely used at wellness fairs since it is easier and cleaner to administer than a urine test. For workplaces that are paying an insurance premium for smokers, implementing a random nicotine test can encourage employee honesty.The detection...